Massage can be beneficial in treating both localised pain or discomfort, and also that of the entire body and mind. By manipulating the body’s soft tissue, massage works to improve the functionality of the circulatory, lymphatic, muscular and nervous systems, alleviating pain and stress and promoting general well being and good health.

Trained across a wealth of different techniques including Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Clare tailors each massage to meet her client’s individual needs. By combining different techniques, Clare feels she is able to achieve a more thorough and beneficial treatment. Clare works on intuition as well as her accredited techniques. She doesn’t follow routines, she works with touch and listens, really listens to what seems to be the problem.

“Clients often come to me with pain in one area of their body. During our first treatment I often find the localised pain is caused by an overcompensation resulting from injury or overuse of another area. By reducing the said pain and treating the overworked area, I am often able to help the client achieve a more satisfying result.” – Clare Williams

Massages are £80 per hour.

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