Clare has provided excellent deep tissue massages over several years, helping sporting, driving and other posture related issues.  David G

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Clare’s magical and healing touch.  After a thorough consultation, I received regular full body massages from Clare, which gave me so much flexibility around the neck and the shoulder area.  With my job, sitting behind a laptop 12 hours a day, I regularly suffered from stiffness around the neck and shoulders as well as build up of tension, however, following every session from Clare, I was as free as a bird.  Over the years I have had regular massages done by a number of people, however I have to say, no one ever matches up to Clare, words cannot describe the experience.
Mitra Abtahi

Working with Clare was so uplifting. Her cheery manner and positive vibes were felt even through a Zoom call. It was great to focus on positive things and reprogramme my brain to find even more of the good. I’m usually a glass half full kinda girl anyway but sometimes things get in the way…mainly stress!!! And this can be hard to shake. Having help and making time to work on reducing reactions and anger to small triggers has been awesome and has noticeably reduced. Now I can breathe before I react…thank you Clare.” CPR

I have had ongoing problems with neck and shoulder muscles for many years now. Clare gets right to the very core of what’s going on.  She breaks down the knots and eases and soothes my aches and pains away.  Clare also gives invaluable advice on how to stay well.  She’s helped me turn a corner & I wholeheartedly recommend her massages to everyone who needs help or just likes feeling good! She’s a real diamond.  Julia D

Clare genuinely does have ‘healing hands’. She instinctively knows the areas that need her touch, managing to be firm and gentle at the same time. Her warm, shiny and open persona makes any treatment an absolute pleasure.  Louise – Hove

Clare is great at tailoring the massage for each session. This guarantees that I leave relaxed and stress free every time. Clare is always warm and welcoming, so I look forward to every visit.  Sukhvir H

“Clare has always told me I hold all of my stress in my back. She’s my massage therapist too.  I was a little sceptical but decided to keep an open mind and try a few hypnotherapy sessions with her to help release it. I did all the things Clare asked me to do alongside the sessions which were actually enjoyable and found myself making progress with each session. Clare pointed out a lot of things throughout the sessions that I had not thought of and things really began to make much more sense for me and my understanding increased tremendously. I am happy to say that I have been helped so much by Clare, I’ve had 8 sessions and feel in such a good place that I do not need any more sessions currently. I would not hesitate to return for more sessions in the future. Thank you Clare for persuading me to give it a try. I will always be so grateful to you. You have made a huge difference to my life.”  TB

Still floating on a cloud after a fantastic neck, back and shoulder massage by Clare Williams. Thank-you Clare!  All knots banished and I feel super relaxed.
Claire Yuill – Sussex Physio Pilates

Clare is amazing – she has been massaging my back for several years now – and I find it invaluable.  She is by far the best masseuse I have found, and would highly recommend her!  Alexandra H

Clare is wonderful, so intuitive & I feel like a new person after a session with her!  I’ve never found anyone else who can dissolve the knots in my shoulders quite like she can!
Jasmine Harman

I started sessions with Clare during a time when my mental health had severely deteriorated due to an overload of anxiety, followed by a deep depression caused by a build up of stress in both my personal and professional life. I was struggling to manage my professional workload, cope with everyday events and not let family worries overwhelm me. I had got to the point where I felt ‘broken’ and needed to take some time off work.

I now understand how my brain works, what is going wrong when it isn’t and what I need to do before it gets to an unmanageable point again. I can recognise my limitations and have put in place some new ‘behaviours’ that have enabled me to manage the stresses I was not able to manage before.  This is long term change, and what I needed. Clare has supported me in retraining my responses and reactions to stress.  I cannot thank her enough. It really does work!” EB

Clare Williams, that was the BEST massage ever last night. You are amazing at your job! My back and bones are a mess but you have restored me this morning. If there are any sceptical people out there, massage therapy really works. I love you Clare Williams! Marisa Guagenti

Lovely lady, lovely lovely healing hands, can’t say more!  Gill Sharma

I was struggling with really bad water retention for most of my adult life. By chance someone mentioned manual lymphatic drainage could help and recommended Clare as this amazing masseuse.  I was skeptical the manual lymphatic drainage would work as I had been to numerous supposed lymph massage experts all of whom said they could cure the situation.  When I met Clare, she was warm, kind and understanding. She performed proper MLD after a few sessions my water retention disappeared. I felt completely different, no more bloated stomach and boobs. My clothes fitted me better, I felt more confident and agile.  Clare carries out maintenance Mld on me just to keep the water retention at bay.  I would recommend Clare to anyone, her warmth and kindness are extraordinary. It goes without saying she is great at massage as well as Mld. I have friends who will only use her.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to hear a good she is. Pippa F

I had a massage with Clare yesterday, wow it totally plugged me back in. She’s a maestro! It was a beautiful combination of practical n meaty AND deeply intuitive n healing. Briliiant!  Sjanie HW

After having a phobia of going down on escalators for around 20 years, it was beginning to rule my life and my family’s life, so I really needed to do something about it.

Planning a day out shopping, a holiday involving a trip to the airport, or god forbid a trip to London which would mean going on the underground escalators. I was really fed up with having to allow extra time to find the stairs and plan alternative routes to journeys that don’t affect most normal families!

Just the thought of having to go towards a down escalator would send my heart pounding, my pulse racing, bring on a hot sweat, not to mention the ‘oh mum do we really have to go and find the stairs?!” type of comments…  and I haven’t even mentioned the fear of vertigo!

I would stand at the top of an escalator, (with my husband saying ‘you can do it – just step on’) and try my best to step on, miss several steps, get pushed from someone behind me (that was expecting me to just step on and move). Then I’d start to feel sick, dizzy and disorientated, and then I couldn’t coordinate my limbs to even step on if I tried – my legs would go like jelly and I would sometimes even end up crying!!  I once collapsed in a complete heap at the top of a Paris Metro at rush hour as I physically couldn’t get on, and another time I had to ask a security guard in Sports Direct to turn off the escalator so I could walk down it!

I’d spent recent years telling my husband and kids that I needed to see a hypnotherapist and get this phobia sorted, bet never got round to it, or even believed that it would work, until I met Clare, who has changed my life!

I really didn’t know what to expect, but the whole process was so much simpler and more comfortable than what I perceived it would be like. In fact Clare helped me to sleep like a baby, relax, ease overall tension, calm down, and helped me to see clearly, think rationally, make me more sociable, put things into perspective…. and that’s even before we got to the escalator phobia! 

Then as if by magic, she said ‘right you’re cured – go and have a lovely shopping day out with your daughter. Go up and down as many escalators as you want’. At this point I was still not convinced it had worked. So, I organised a day out with my daughter and hey presto – I went down 10 escalators that day – 3 of them on my own, and then I did it all again a couple of days later, completely on my own to make sure I could still do it!!

I can highly recommend Clare and the whole hypnotherapy process. Her voice is very calming and reassuring and makes you feel completely at ease. I have already referred some friends – so what are you waiting for – book today and change your life too!” LS

And a text received on Saturday 9th December 2021
“Just thought I’d let you know that I’m at LGW having just returned from Zante, and guess what I did on the way out and the way back?” “Escalators?”  “YES!!  On the way out from the north terminal, it was a very long and steep one too! I’m very impressed with myself!  Saved lots of time too! Thank you again!!!” LS